Them lovely abs

One of the next goals on my hit list is fitness, mainly to get them lovely abs ! Now, I firstly have to say this is not going to turn into one of those fitness blogs, far from it. I just wanted to mention how I plan on achieving this goal and secondly the thought of me having even one little ab is ridiculous (I’m quite pleasantly plump) but sure, I’ll give it a go! πŸ™ˆ

I’ve been following this fitness girl for a while on Instagram and I really admire her progress and everything she’s achieved to date so I signed myself up to her fitness regime. Starting from Monday, I will be doing three home workouts a week, alongside a healthy diet and no snacking. I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to go, I spent an hour watching the intro video and by the end of it I didn’t know what a carb was anymore. I also did a few test runs of overnight oats and chia seed breakfasts, they turned out to be a disaster and mostly ended up going down the kitchen sink. Eventually I got the hang of one of the recipes and I think I’m set for breakfast next week. Lunch and dinner is still a work in progress at the moment. 

Another thing that is going to make this difficult is having Irish parents that just love to feed you. I went to visit them today, I was starving, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and really fancied something somewhat healthy. My mam proceeded to convince me that tart and scones were healthy and that there wasn’t “a pick” on me. So, me being me, and my minus will power, scoffed everything in sight. 😩 (but I don’t start until Monday remember …)

Anyways, at the start of each week, you are asked to take pictures and body measurements to track progress. I swear, it’s already working. I spent an hour trying to measure myself and each time I double checked a measurement, I had already lost a few inches. I was trying to use some freckles as guidelines but it was pretty much impossible! Anybody else measure their bodies? Any tips greatly appreciated! 

I’ll keep you updated on the fitness goal and I promise, I’ll avoid the apple tart! πŸ’ͺ