My First Post

I wanted to start this blog to speak the truth, to talk openly and honestly about all things that life throws at us. Last weekend I went to Mayo and it was one of the best holidays of my life, I found my focus, I set goals. I decided on all or nothing.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t live under a rock. I have been outside of Ireland, I have traveled around the world and I continue to do so. I love it. Something different happened to me while I was in Mayo though, the company was right, the location was right, the conversation was right. I spoke at lengths with my boyfriend, I told him how I was bored. I was bored of my job, I was bored of saving for a house, I was bored of not having money, bored of routine, just plain bored. He told me to set goals to give me some focus. I scoffed at him, like I hadn’t thought of that already… but he was right, I never ACTUALLY thought about it. I never actually wrote anything down, so I started…

My thirty goals before thirty:

  1. Fitness In short; I want abs
  2. Health Go to the doctor for regular check ups
  3. Save Yes, I moan about this but it’s good to have a honey pot to dip into
  4. Job I need a new job, I need to focus on getting some interviews, stat!
  5. Laser Hair Removal I want it all gone, permanently!
  6. Digital Marketing Course All the jobs out there that appeal to me require me to brush up on my skills.
  7. Fix my ring and my watch This one sounds silly, but you’ve no idea how long I’ve put this on the long finger!
  8. Play more guitar My parents spent a hell of a lot of money paying for lessons growing up and I loved playing but since college and life afterwards I never play.
  9.  Dentist Expensive but it needs to be done. Regular scales a polishes are a must.
  10. Start blogging I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never had the confidence
  11. Hike up the top 10 mountains in Ireland. Just because!

I need another nineteen more goals but at least it’s a start and hey, I’ve already crossed off one! 😊

Stay tuned for plenty more updates on adventures, rants, thoughts, questions, everything! And in the meantime, checkout this beautiful pic of Mayo.